The Bachelor’s Valet by Arden Powell

This was a lovely little read. I always enjoy when I am smiling as I finish a book.

Time-period was a little tricky to pin down. They drove cars but people’s parents were still forcing them to get engaged. So it feels a bit like a regency romance, but obviously not.

Also, there’s magic, but it seems either useless or so widespread that it’s just part of life.

The point of view character is supposedly empty-headed. Usually characters like this annoy me, I think because so often it’s an excuse to renounce responsibility for themselves or their actions. This one hurt my heart a little bit because he was obviously aware of his lack and how people responded to him. He does give over the running of his life to his valet, though, but at least he seems to have found the right person to place his trust in. So he’s not a complete idiot, just very naive and, luckily for him, rich.

He’s been ticking along until his mother forces him to get engaged to a girl. This throws his life in a tizzy, but maybe for the best as it can finally settle into the kind of life where he can be consciously happy rather than heedlessly so. 






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