The Last Nanny in Manhattan by K Sterling

Fun, modern day story about a man who needs help with his terrible triplets and the nanny best suited (or cardiganed) to take on the job.

That’s not to mean that I didn’t actually yell while reading this one. The dad is afraid of his own kids and wants to make sure they don’t turn out awful but does absolutely nothing to make sure they don’t turn out awful. My actual (shouted) words were, “So DO SOMETHING!” Good job, author, I guess, if you were trying to get across how frustrating the situation was for the nanny walking in – risking actual life and limb – to care for a few brats.

Okay, yes, there’s more to it than that. The guy had horrible examples growing up and, after the loss of his husband, wasn’t capable of finding his feet. Grief does weird things to us. But he’s willing to learn and the new nanny has some interesting reinforcement strategies to encourage him.

The first in a series. Definitely some not-safe-for-triplets content, but readable and enjoyable (even with the shouting).





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