Rattling Bone by Jordan L Hawk

You’ll want to read the first book in the series, The Forgotten Dead, to get a better sense of the characters here (plus it’s spooky and worth the read). 

In some respects, I enjoyed the second of the Outfoxing the Paranormal series a little more than the first, because the first was essentially an alternate-universe fanfic for The Magnus Archives (a podcast). Since that’s something I got into big time during the pandemic, I enjoyed it but it took a while for me to settle into Hawk’s story, which is completely original.

I didn’t have to overcome that in this second book which follows a paranormal researcher and his boyfriend, an accountant who has a ghost hunting show with a couple of compatriots, as they go visit the boyfriend’s parents.

While there, they dig into his family’s history with the paranormal, something his dad suppressed in his son after his mother spent the end of her life in a psychiatric facility. They uncover a family curse that strikes every 25 years… and it’s due to hit any day now.

Exciting, but not too overwhelming. If you like Hawk’s other writing, this series fits in perfectly with the tone he sets in other series. If you like this and want more, his SPCTR series is also set in modern times, but check them all out.






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